White Coat Companion

White Coat Companion

Your consolidated, structured, and up-to-date guide to the medical & surgical wards.

2023 Edition – Now on Amazon

Why WCC?

While studying during my clinical years of medical school, I found there to be a dearth of succinct, well-structured, and current resources. During my preclinical years, I found tremendous value in First Aid for Step 1, largely because it was one consolidated resource to use as a reference throughout studying for medical school exams as well as the Step 1 exam. I sought a resource similar to that for Step 2, but instead found current textbooks out of date, poorly organized, and too verbose to serve as my singular primary resource.

Ultimately, that led me to the creation of this review text. The information provided here is synthesized from a variety of textbooks, online videos, and formal teaching that I received as a medical student. It then was refined using primary resources to ensure that everything contained is as up to date and evidence-based as possible. It is designed to be a singular comprehensive resource that can serve as your foundation while going through core clerkships, and later can be used as a review for Step 2.

I hope you find this book fills the void for which it was created.

Michael Lorinsky, MD


What People Say

Hands down, this is the only resource I found to be as complete as it can be for step 2CK(meaning I would look up topics from UW in this book… I could find them no problem). I only wish I found it and dug into it sooner. I am so grateful for this book.

Excellent. Helpful during clinical rotations, both clinically and for exams.

Literally the only book you should buy to study for Step 2CK! Using this got me a 263 🙂

M4, Penn State Hershey

Nothing like it on the market — best resource for clinical years by far.

PGY1, Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Clinic